Sinead Millard


“How do I rise to the top?” That was the question in my mind when I started my career. I was singularly focussed on promotion and moving up. After a few years that energy started to feel stagnant.

It’s at this same point that my clients usually come to me in their own career. Feeling like there is a gap between who they are and who they want or need to be to move forward.

Strangely, it took a move to New York to develop a healthier lifestyle and start to explore different views of how a successful life could be lived.

I had a conversation one morning over coffee with an American friend who mentioned they had a coach. I was like, “why have you got a coach, there’s nothing wrong with you”, my response makes me laugh today. But that conversation planted something in my mind. Things really got moving and life changed direction when I (finally) started working with my first coach.

‘How do I rise to the top’ is still the right question, it’s just my definition of what ‘the top’ is, has changed.