Steve Lynas
hr director

I stopped wearing a suit at work - here's why...

I stopped wearing a suit at work. 

Actually, all of us did at Sunbelt Rentals UK, from the HR team to our sales agents on the shopfloor.

Not just because we were working from home, swapping out formal suits for polo shirts, but because we were in the middle of a complete cultural reorganisation.

From 19 disconnected, disorganised and disparate brands, we created 1 single unified culture, reflected by the uniform I’m wearing today.

Through listening to both our people and customers we not only crafted a new unified identity, but massively improved the cost effectiveness of our businesses through simplification and harmonisation.

This increasingly critical role of HR as a cultural enabler, in defining the essence of what it means to work in our respective companies, and in enabling our organisations to work effectively and in harmony, is why I’m writing you this email today.

I’m enormously proud of our transformation at Sunbelt, but equally I’m naïve about how other HR leaders are redefining their own brands, their own set of values and purpose.

Which is why I am personally delighted to be joining a new community of like-minded HR pioneers at the upcoming Future of Work summit, dedicated to the on-the-ground HR transformations making the future of work a reality, where I’ll share the tips and tricks behind Sunbelt’s own cultural journey.

If you’re interested in registering your team, you can do so here

You can also find all other info here on the website, including one of the most impressive speaker line-ups I’ve ever seen (and not just because I’m in it!).

I look forward to seeing you and your HR team in person next February!


About the author

Steve Lynas is HR Director at Sunbelt Rentals UK, and will be sharing his journey of cultural transformation at #FoW. 

Download the full event guide here for more information on Steve’s session.